Article by: Samantha Grose, designer for Optima Homes and JP&CO
Outdoor Entertaining

Recently, the sunroom of one of our homes was featured by Houzz, a highly popular website that showcases the work of housing design professionals. Houzz wrote an article on glass roofs and the different things you should think about when considering whether or not to install a glass roof. As Houzz says, “A glass roof is a super-effective way to pull more light into your home, but before taking the plunge, consider this expert advice…”

Our home showcases the necessary slope a glass roof should have in order for rainwater to naturally wash off dust and debris.

This sunroom was part of a larger home remodel outside of Minneapolis. The home is a sophisticated rambler, perched by the shore of a beautiful lake.

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact me today!

Check out the Houzz article below:


Samantha Grose in Minneapolis, MN on Houzz