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RUSTIC COTTAGE 4,200 SF | 5 BEDROOMS | 4.5 BATHS JOIN US FOR A TOUR AND HORS D’OEUVRES THIS SATURDAY, APRIL 1ST FROM 1-4PM AT 6124 OAKLAWN AVE. EDINA  Our vision was to create a quaint European Cottage perfect for a family.  The spaces you use most are thoughtfully designed and stylish.  Beyond the design you can see… Read more »

Top Reasons to Do a Green Remodel in 2017

Thank you to Kaitlin Krull from for writing a guest blog on a top we are always interested in – Green Remodeling! By Kaitlin Krull   If you’re a homeowner, renovation projects and remodels are probably always on your mind. As trends change and the latest home technology increases, it can be difficult deciding… Read more »

When Will Solar Start to Pay Off

We are always researching ways to make our homes more high performing.  We have been excited about the advancements in Solar even in MN with our cold winters.  It is great to see this industry growing.  Thanks to Courtni with for writing this guest blog.  Enjoy! By Courtni Wisenbaker-Scheel, a guest blogger from In… Read more »

Unveiling…Our Edina Cottage

By: Samantha Grose, designer for Optima Homes and JP&CO Nestled within blocks of newly renovated Pamela Park in East Edina, our latest home construction has all the features of gorgeous, yet functional, family home. With a focus on energy efficiency, sophisticated design, and healthy elements, this home was designed with the conscious customer in mind. Step inside this rustic Edina… Read more »

Winterize Your Home (the inexpensive and easy way)

A guest post for Samantha Grose (Optima Homes, JP&CO) by Seth Murphy Seth Murphy started PapaDIY to share tips and advice on DIY and help others. His mission is to make DIY something that anybody can feel comfortable with.   Winterizing your home may sound like a process that can only cost money, and probably… Read more »

My Favorites: 5 Unique Holiday Recipes

By Samantha Grose, designer for Optima Homes and JP&CO The holidays are a special time for me, filled with family, good friends, and great times. This is the time to spread joy, swap stories, and indulge in delectable holiday treats. You’ve probably had the old holiday standbys more times than you can count–sugar cookies, pumpkin or apple pie,… Read more »

5 “Nice to Have” Features to Consider for a New Home

Samantha Grose, designer for Optima Homes and JP&CO As a designer, I know how crucial it is to get the basics just right. The design should be functional, attractive, and fit with your family’s lifestyle. The materials used should be high-quality, long-lasting, and timeless. But what if we go beyond the basics? There are TONS of great add-ons… Read more »

Minnetonka home living room new construction

5 Design Features of our Stand-Out Optima Homes

By Samantha Grose, designer for Optima Homes and JP&CO There is a fine line between homes that are over-designed and ones that are lacking any kind of design. Interior designers often want to put their signature style on a home and, in the process, end up adding embellishments and over-the-top features that are not likely to stand the… Read more »

10 Ways to have a HIGH-PERFORMING home

By Samantha Grose, designer for Optima Homes and JP&CO You’ve probably heard the term “high performance” associated with cars. That could mean they have great gas mileage, are designed for speed, have an excellent handling and braking system, or are outfitted with the latest technologies. You’ve probably seen ads that talk about each aspect of a high-performing car–but what… Read more »

5 Cool and Easy Bathroom DIYs

Samantha Grose, designer for Optima Homes and JP&CO Giving your bathroom its much-needed makeover doesn’t have to be expensive or even difficult. You just have to find the right ideas and materials to get started. One good idea is to do a few DIY projects for your bathroom. Not only can they help save you money, but they… Read more »


    By Samantha Grose, designer for Optima Homes and JP&CO. Creating something beautiful and functional is always a source of pride at JP&CO. However, we had a special sense of accomplishment during this year’s Parade of Homes Showcase. This is because the refined South Minneapolis rambler we revealed was not only stunning and functional, but also… Read more »

  • Winter Heat Saving Checklist

    By Samantha Grose, Lead Designer of Optima Homes During the winter as a kid I was always looking for ways to stay warm and avoid the cold. As an adult in Minnesota, my attention has shifted to the search for ways to stay warm while keeping my cold season electric bill in check. JP&CO’s Winter Heat… Read more »

  • 8 Tips for Green Bathroom Cleaning

    By Samantha Grose, Lead Designer Optima Homes and JP&CO. None of us want a bathroom teeming with germs. Yet, none of us want a bathroom coated in hazardous chemicals either. Can we have our cake and eat it too? I say YES! 8 Tips for Green Cleaning your Bathroom Instead of using the same artificial… Read more »

  • Flawless Entertainment without the Fuss

    By Samantha Grose, Lead Designer Optima Homes and JP&CO. A great part about having a wonderful home is the ability to throw a great party. What’s more rewarding than gathering all of your near and dearest under one roof to enjoy company, food, and drink? Make sure that you’re always the hostess with the mostest,… Read more »

  • Décor for Kids: Creative Playroom Ideas

    By Samantha Grose, Lead Designer Optima Homes and JP&CO. No space is too small when it comes to designing a special area for your child to learn and explore. A smartly positioned partition or second-floor landing space can be all it takes to give a child a feeling of independence and freedom. Once you’ve decided… Read more »

  • Original Art in the Home

    Original Art in the Home By Samantha, Lead Designer Optima Homes and JP&CO. An easy way to effortlessly add beauty and sophistication to your home that you may not immediately think of is to find a large piece of original art. Now this can be much simpler than you think.   Often times what comes to… Read more »

  • How to Create a Safe Bathroom for Kids

    By Samantha Grose, Lead Designer for Optima Homes and JP&CO. Just like the rest of your home, a child’s bathroom should be updated for safety. As much as designing a bathroom for kiddies can be fun, at JP&CO we believe that safety should always come first. Beyond the cardinal rule of never leaving your child… Read more »

  • Simple & Modern Mantel Displays

    By Samantha Grose, Designer, JP&CO A residential construction firm delivering a personalized home, an enjoyable process, and a remarkable pace. Last fall, we had a beautiful home on the Remodeler Showcase Tour.  As we added finishing touches with the client to the interior design to get ready for the show we spent a little extra… Read more »

  • Compost 101: Benefits and Basics

    By Samantha Grose, designer for JP&CO and Optima Homes Composting may seem a bit intimidating at first, especially if you feel a little behind the game when it comes to green gardening, but it’s actually easy as pie. Not only is composting quick and simple, but it also benefits your garden, the earth, and your bill. The Benefits… Read more »

  • Create your Dream Porch or Patio

    By Samantha Grose, designer for JP&CO and Optima Homes Make every evening or weekend spent at home this summer feel like a getaway by revamping your home’s outdoor living areas. Upgrading your porch or patio is relatively easy and inexpensive, and the payoff is huge. With the right setup and additions, you’ll soon find yourself spending as much… Read more »